About Private Sessions

Private sessions happen in person or by phone. My healing practice has two basic formats.

The client calls, we set a time and place to meet in person or by phone. At the beginning of the session, I turn on a digital recorder or cassette tape recorder to record the event. My purpose for recording is so there is no misinterpretation of what exactly I said, or did. There is often a great amount of material that is covered in a short period of time and if there are specific instructions, they can be reviewed and followed exactly. The client also has the option to replay and review at any time following the session.

If the session is in person and the individual has physical issues, I ask them to lie down face-up, fully clothed on a cloth covered table. I begin my interaction with the body which consists of what I call ‘scanning’ the area around the body and then putting my hands on the body. There are a variety of movements and adjustments required to balance the body. Some are very gentle and others are quite strenuous. During the session, I discuss and describe exactly what I am doing and what is going on. The client may ask whatever questions they may have at any time.