Sharing the Good Stuff


by Candace Lienhart

Begin by taking a deep breath and centering yourself in your body. Put your index finger and thumb tips together on both hands to form a circle. Insert the left circle into the right. (or the right into the left if it is more comfortable) Keep the circle of the right hand as tight as possible. Now ask a question: “My name is________.” and open the fingers inside the circle. If the body agrees with your question or statement, the outer circle will remain closed. Now try holding someone else’s name in your mind while you test. If the body disagrees, the fingers will come apart no matter how tightly you hold them.

Another way would be to hook both index fingers together at the joint and try to pull them apart. A yes or true answer will always be strong. A no or false answer will always be weak.

Muscle testing is a great way to ask your body what it needs, from the food you eat, to vitamins you take. Your body is like a tape recorder in that it has a record of all your life’s experiences... as they actually happened and also your perception version of them... So you can ask anything you want about your own reality according to your body. If you were asking your mind, you wouldn’t be pulling your fingers. So let your body talk. Remember always ask clear questions that warrant and yes/nor or true/false answer. If you allow your emotions to “lobby” you may get a false reading so...back to the center to ask again from a neutral position.


Muscle testing is not effective as a fortune telling device. I did not originate this exercise. I learned this process from Dr. John Thie who created a system called “Touch for Health.” It is also called kinesiology.

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