Sharing the Good Stuff


by Candace Lienhart

Excerpts from the book “Pendulum Power” by Greg Nielsen and Joseph Polansky and work done by Candace Lienhart

"The pendulum is a tool for communicating with the deeper, more hidden levels of our being, the part of us which is clouded by fear, ignorance and false-to fact opinions about ourselves and the universe we live in, that part of us that knows the truth because it is the truth. These levels of being are not conditioned by space and time and have powers, which we as humans have not even begun to understand. But this much is known. The more we link up with it, the more we identify with it, the more we allow its energy to flow through us and fill our minds with light, our hearts with love, and our hands with wisdom and power, the richer, simpler and better our lives become.

The pendulum is simply one method of many for communing consciously with our deeper being and allowing it to guide our everyday actions. It is a tool of perception; that is, it gives us access to the extraordinary powers of perception of our deeper selves. These powers of perception are as superior to our ordinary five human senses as an H-bomb is to a firecracker."

The pendulum is a practical, simple tool that when used optimally, can facilitate decision-making, problem solving, and increased understanding.

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