Sharing the Good Stuff


by Candace Lienhart

Raise your hand to your ear as if you were calling on a regular phone. Open your mouth and say OUT LOUD "I am ordering the part of my self that knows how to do it, to make a psychic phone call through the Creator of All Things to (John Doe's) higher self."

Then begin speaking to the person or spirit you are calling as if they were on the other end of the line. Say everything you wish to say, and hang up the phone. If your mind does not go on to another activity and continues to dwell on this call, perhaps you have not fully expressed the truth of which you wished to this case, make another call. Normally, if you have completely communicated your message, your mind will go on to other things.

What will happen now, instantly, is their higher self will look at the information to make sure you have the right number so to speak....If the information does not pertain to the individual you called, it will be immediately returned to you. You will immediately get the impression that your have dialed the wrong number and your own self will advise you by reminding you of another person who's information it truly is. In this case, start the call again using the correct name. If the call goes through and the higher self accepts the message, it will be delivered to the person's conscious mind at a time and place that is convenient for them and, in a language they can understand.

The difference between an ethical and unethical psychic phone call, is that when you send your message out loud THROUGH the Creator of All Things, you avoid the possibility of energetically "bombing" another being with thought form energy. When a person is being pushed or "bombed" it is most common for their energy field to move into a defensive position and to consider the message an attack. It is always wise to observe good manners and right action.

A psychic phone call is not a substitute for verbal, face to face exchange. So you must always be willing to speak the same truth directly. It becomes an extremely useful tool when physical exchange is difficult or impossible.Often, the person called will “get back to you” with an apparent conscious awareness of or relativity to let you know your message was received.

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