Sharing the Good Stuff


by Candace Lienhart

Energy follows thought.

If emotion is added, the thought gathers momentum or substance. If a “target” or label is named or intended, the thought has a direction. Once your mind has completed a thought, if it is directed to you, it will arrive in your own system.

If the thought has a person, place or thing label on it, the thought, with all the energy attached to it will arrive in the magnetic field of that person, place or thing. Your mind may retain a copy of the thought, but the emotion attached to it, once launched will stick to the magnetic field of that which has been named.

Once it arrives at the “doorstep” of the thing that was named or intended, it is up to the nature of the target whether or not it gains immediate entry. In the case of human beings, it is the choice of the individual whether to open up to the thought or not. If the being has asked for “feedback” through faith or fear or anything in between, it will allow entry into the magnetic field and orbit the system until it finds a matching concept.

This orbit can go on indefinitely.

It does not necessarily go away by itself...unless it is retrieved by the sender or discarded as irrelevant by the receiver.

Salt is useful in determining what is “yours” and what is not.

The recipe for using salt is to hold a pinch of salt (or a handful if you want) between your hands (like a sandwich) for 60 seconds. During that time, try to focus your mind on nothing…or something neutral. If the irritation, pain or pressure leaves your body and mind, then you know that it did not originate within your own system.

If it remains, then you may begin a process of balancing yourself from within yourself.

Salt may be added to your bath, sprinkled around your living space, car, on animals, or correspondence, even gifts.

Every kind of salt will work… sea salt, iodized salt, Epsom salt, “blessed salt”, Hawaiian salt (alae salt), rock salt, Salt Lake City salt, etc.

The use of salt is a great timesaver.

Once you perceive a pain or pressure, the very first thing to ask is “Did this originate with me?” If not, release it and go about your business. It may be difficult to forget, especially if it is a hard hitting energy, but you risk re-infecting yourself if your emotional mind decides to reach out and re-attach to the thought. After all, if your body releases it, you may assume it is none of your business.

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